#ZephyrsPride! St. Mary Catholic Schools Alumni

St. Mary Catholic High School has proud legacy of excellence in academics, success in athletics and strength in faith and service. Whether you graduated in 1947 or 2021, you are an important part of our alumni community!

Alumni Awards

The St. Mary Catholic Schools (SMCS) family feels it is important to recognize outstanding accomplishments of our graduates as well as their contributions to their communities. For that purpose, we have established several recognition’s for SMCHS alumni.

  • Outstanding Catholic Christian Service Award honors an alum who has demonstrated faithful service to the Lord in vocational ministry, Christian service or a church leadership position, and through his or her continued support of SMCS. The nominee exhibits a self-sacrificing way of life by going beyond expectations in service to others. Click here to view past recipients.
  • The Distinguished Service Award recognizes an alum who has given his or her time, energy and resources to enhance the well-being of SMCS and the greater community. He or she exhibits a high degree of leadership, character and integrity. This person’s loyalty and service support SMCS and the community in moving into the future. The nominee must have graduated from SMCHS at least ten years ago. Click here to view past recipients.
  • The Alumni Achievement Award is presented to an alum who displayed strong leadership while a student at SMCHS, who has achieved distinction in his/her community and/or field of expertise, who continues to support SMCS and/or Catholic education, and who lives out Christian values. Click here to view past recipients.

Do you know an alum who has the qualifications to receive one of these awards?


Alumni News

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Athletic Hall of Fame

The SMCS Athletic Hall of Fame was established in 1983 to capitalize on the rich tradition of St. Mary Catholic School. Members are mostly alumni of SMCHS, but also include former coaches and honorary alumni. It is wonderful that nearly 40 years later, the Zephyrs tradition continues to thrive through the SMCS Athletic Hall of Fame!

The nomination for induction into the Athletic Hall of Fame requires that the individual or team brought recognition to the high school through athletic accomplishments, is currently respected in his/her/their community and models Christian values. The nominee(s) must have graduated from St. Mary Catholic High School at least ten years ago.


Melissa Michalkiewicz ’08
Robert Frozena ’07
Matt Swiecichowski ’80
George Arvan ’54
1998 Girls Basketball State Champions



Andy Kolosso ‘75
Jordan Michalkiewicz ‘05
Gene Patzner ‘63
Kali (Houselog ‘04) Sawyer
1940 Boys Basketball State Champions



Becky (Ott ’07) Wanserski
Brian Julius ‘90
1990 Boys Baseball State Champions
1990 Girls Softball State Champions



Emily Tuchscherer ’02 Stagliano
Mick Kelly ’06
Tess Reddin ’06
Patti Houlihan ’75
1955 Boys Basketball State Champions



Greg “Hondo” Zielinski ’75
Dan Johnson ’98
Sarah Ott ’00 Crowe
1986 Softball State Champions


Coach Jeff Chew
Colleen Hubley-Kedinger ’84
Angela (Chew) Klipp ’02
1954 Baseball State Champions


Kelanie (Simonsen) Davis ’01
Paul Hermus ’78
Robert Michalkiewicz ’03
Jim Rohde ’82
1981 &1982 Volleyball State Champions



Dawn (Derfus) Gaab ’89
Jeff Ropella ’78
1953 Boys State Championship Basketball Team
1955 Football FVCC Championship Team


Kasey (Beisenstein) Wroblewski ’97
David Michalkiewicz ’01
Matt Lahey ’89
Jerome Schmidt ’49
1986 Boys Basketball Team



Angela Fink ’96
Ray Roth ’56
Lance Tardiff ’90
1960 State Boys Basketball Championship Team


James DeDecker ’55
Amy (Boegh) Herres ’94
Daniel Pier ’90
Thomas Haskamp
1948 St Mary’s State Championship Tennis Team



Ronald Coopman ’51
Emily (McClone) Brown ’99
Lee Rather ’53
Jan Rechner ’86
Deidre (Popp) Rippl ’97



Jennifer (Karisny) McGinnis ’90
Richard Rohe ’50
Robert Wittmann ’86


Patricia (Koslowski) Konetzke ’82
James Rueckl ’60
Patrick Wolff  ’88



James Rechner ’81
David Rusch ’53


Jennifer (Paul) Heck ’88
Robert Skoronski ’75
Maggie (Hall) Walsh ’81



Robert Kersten ’53
Mike Van Handel ’87


David Lotzer ’69
Thomas Schnell ’82
Katie Zelinski, Coach 1970-77


Michael Gage ’67
Kim (Syring) Hegg ’86
Chad Heroux ’92
Sandy (Mix) Campbell ’86



Kari (Beisenstein) Fink ’89
Ed Lotzer ’59
Peter Peterson ’55
Jeanne Romnek ’77
Suzanne (Swiecichowski) Zampaloni ’89



Molly Cummings ’86
Vernon Fahrenkrug ’47
Robert Koser ’44


Dave Eckholm ’62
Tom Verbrick ’43
Jennifer (Wittmann) Lenz ’88


Patrick Below ’58
Thomas Fink ’54
Shelley (Fulton) Raaths ’91



Beth Pier ’83
Chris Pier ’83


Thomas Balthazor ’59
Coach Clifford Dilts 1931-1936
Mike Karisny ’86



Amy Haberman ’72
Robert Wessenberg ’45


James Griesbach ’74
Maureen (Hermus) Kelly ’76



Richard Konkol ’62
John Koslowski ’80
John Roedel ’64


Robert Karisny ’57
Kenneth Resch ’57
Mike Rohe ’52
Barbara Asmuth ‘76



William Becker ’61
Michael McClone ’68
Thomas Yaley ’48


Norman Brown ’60
John De Young ’55
Molly (McClone) Horn ’72
David Michalkiewicz ’73



Gary Batley ’59
Thomas Collins ’39
Chuck Johnson ’71
G. Steven Larson ’69
Paul Mix ’61



Leon Geiger ’46
Herb Roedel ’57
Richard “Skip” Schurer ’56
Paul Zelinski ’52


Don Gosz ’55
Adrian Martin ’62
Mary Beth Nienhaus ’61
Al Taves ’42



William Ciske ’46
Michael Heroux ’67
Ted Konkol ’53
Dick Montonati ’57


James Kersten ’56
Kenneth Konkol ’56
Gerald “Gus” Laemmrich ’61


Leo “Sammy” Kraus ’35
Rube Prunuske ’39
William Resch ’40
Peter Vanderhyden ’60



Gene “Torchy” Clark ’46
Ben Coopman ’34
Ronald Dibelius ’56
Christopher Fahrbach ’75
Farnham “Gunner” Johnson ’41
Ralph McClone ’44
Doug Trish, Coach 1940-46
Lois Zelinski-Henkel ’72