Preparing and inspiring students to lead meaningful lives, rooted in the teachings of Christ in our Catholic tradition.


To be celebrated as the school system where students discover and develop their God-given talents and experience success through learning, faith and service.


  • ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE through dedicated teachers, smaller class sizes, nationally recognized programs, state of the art facilities and technology.
  • FAITH AND MORAL VALUES integrated into curriculum and school life to serve others with compassion and integrity.
  • INCLUSION where we welcome and respect all students, families, faiths, and backgrounds in a supportive and safe community.
  • SELF-DISCOVERY AND PERSONAL GROWTH in a vibrant environment promoting life-long learning.
  • STEWARDSHIP by sharing God-given gifts to positively influence an ever-changing world.


As a member of the St. Mary Catholic Schools community, every student will have the opportunity to:  

  • ACHIEVE ACADEMIC SUCCESS through the commitment of dedicated teachers and staff who are invested in students’ academic development and take extra measures to help students attain their highest potential.
  • DISCOVER AND DEVELOP THEIR FAITH to live as a dynamic disciple of Christ.
  • BE PART OF A SUPPORTIVE AND SAFE COMMUNITY where parents, students, faculty, and staff are valued and respected in our school community.
  • EXPLORE THEIR UNIQUE PASSIONS and curiosities through enriching experiences and a diverse selection of co-curricular opportunities.
  • EXPERIENCE AN IDEAL LEARNING ENVIRONMENT through best-in-class facilities and technology to facilitate collaborative learning and interactive programming.
  • LEARN IN AN INCLUSIVE ENVIRONMENT with an expectation of respect and kindness for others.