Health & Wellness

SMCS Food Service participates in the National School Lunch Program, and all menus meet nutrition standards established by the USDA. We provide healthy, quality school meals, and aim to offer a variety of options that are both nutritious and appealing to students.

We do not allow ‘fast food’ to be brought into the school. Instead of traditional pre-determined meals, students are able to choose from our many different nutritious items, which they can combine to form meals they will enjoy.

Health & Wellness Policy

Credit Card Payment Options

SMCS accepts credit cards for payment on your student’s food service bill. There will be a 4.3% service charge for this convenience.

Credit Card Payments for Lunch

Account Registration & Debit System

SMCS Food Service uses a computerized debit system, allowing advance payment for meals. The account recognition system uses each student’s finger and its image to uniquely identify him or her. The program does not store the students’ fingerprints. Rather, it creates a mathematical representation of the finger, which is transformed by an algorithm to create an authorization code. Students simply place their finger on the reader and indicate their lunch preference, and their lunch choices are recorded to their personal accounts.

Benefits to students include having more time to enjoy their lunches rather than waiting in a long line, and not having to remember a PIN. In addition, it facilitates more accurate recording of account activity, and parents are able to continue with the familiar method of adding funds to each student’s account.

Breakfast and Lunch Prices
  • Elementary Schools
    • Breakfast: $2.00
    • Lunch: $3.20
  • Middle and High School
    • Breakfast: $2.45
    • Lunch: $3.40
  • Adult
    • Breakfast/snack: $2.75
    • Lunch: $4.22
Free & Reduced Lunch

SMCS participates in the federal free and reduced lunch program for qualified families. The guidelines are published annually, and applications are available through the school offices, through food service employees and on this website. Parents are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity if they feel they may be eligible.

Overdue Balance Policy

Overdue Balance accounts will receive a low balance email when the account falls below $10.00. If you do not receive notifications, please call the food service office as we may not have your correct email address.

At a negative -$35.00 you will receive an email and a phone call. If there is no answer during the phone call, a message will be left. Once an account reaches a negative -$35.00, a $1.00 service charge will be added each day the account is used.

Once per month all accounts will receive a balance update. This will show if the balance is negative or positive. So please pay close attention to see if money is owed.

Payments may be made in the following ways:

  • At any school by dropping off a payment to the campus administrative assistant clearly marked for food service and the students name. If it is to be split between siblings, please make note. Please be aware it may take one to two business days to reach the food service office to be posted to the account.
  • Mailed directly to food service office at 900 Geiger St., Neenah, WI 54956.
  • You can use your banking bill pay option to have a check sent directly to the food service office at 900 Geiger St., Neenah, WI 54956. Please put food service in the memo line and student name.
  • At SMCHS, payment may be given directly to the cashier.

If you are over the negative balance limit but receive free or reduced price benefits, you will still be able obtain a meal. However, you will not be able to purchase ala carte items including cold lunch milk.

All negative debt must be paid by the end of the school year. All negative debt must be paid before exam passes are issued at SMCHS.

This institution is an equal opportunity provider. SMCS complies with the USDA Non-Discrimination Policy.