Participation in athletics does more than build strong bodies. It also teaches valuable life lessons about teamwork, commitment and integrity. Zephrys Pride runs strong through all levels of the SMCS sports programs. We invite parents, families and the community to join us at every event to root on our student athletes!

Our Philosophy on Athletic Programs at all Levels
  • To introduce athletic activities in a fun and enjoyable environment
  • To encourage cooperative play and working together
  • To promote the development of good sportsmanship skills
  • To develop and promote basic athletic skills
  • To promote physical fitness as part of a healthy lifestyle
  • To provide the opportunity for all student participants to play in all scheduled games
Zephrys Fields

Located on the Zephyrs Campus at the High School & Middle School, Zephyrs Fields is a collection of sports fields, practice areas and equipment storage buildings.

Facility Reservations

Are you interested in scheduling a practice or activity at a St. Mary Catholic Schools facility? Contact Matt Schoultz, Sports & Activities Director ([email protected]).




Registration is handled through each team’s coach, and the fee for each sport will be billed to the student’s account by the business office at the end of the season.

High School Co-curricular Code of Conduct
HS Coaches Contact Information

High School | Fall Sports

Cross Country
Soccer (Boys)
Tennis (Girls)


High School | Winter Sports

     Boys (Fox Cities Stars Club Team)
  • SMC athletes participate in this sport as members of a co-operative team. More Information
     Girls (Fox Cities Stars Club Team)
  • SMC athletes participate in this sport as members of a co-operative team. More Information
Power Lifting


High School | Spring Sports

Baseball (Boys)
Soccer (Girls)
Softball (Girls)
Tennis (Boys)
Track & Field



“No Cuts, Everyone Plays” in Middle School

Student-Athletes at the middle school level are at varying stages of development and ability. Because of this, St. Mary Catholic Middle School proudly enforces the “No Cuts, Everyone Plays” policy. In addition, at the St. Mary Catholic Middle School level, parents of participating students are expected to help at home games in the concession stand, at the gate and/or at the scoring table.

Academic Eligibility in Middle School

Academic eligibility for all middle school students is determined by a grade check at the mid-quarter and nine-week grading periods. Students must maintain a minimum of a C- average with no failing grades. If the GPA is below a C- average (1.67 GPA), student will meet with an academic advisor and an individual plan will be decided upon and shared with the student’s parents and teachers. Should a student fail to complete his/her individual improvement plan, social and/or athletic restrictions will be imposed.

Middle School | Fall Sports

Cross Country
Volleyball (Girls)


Middle School | Winter Sports

Basketball (Boys & Girls)
  • Separate teams for girls and boys at each grade level
  • Boys Basketball (November – January)
  • Girls Basketball (December – February)


Middle School | Spring Sports

Softball (Girls)



Elementary Schools | Fall Sports

Soccer (3rd/4th Grade & 5th/6th Grade)

The Neenah/Menasha fall soccer league is a six-week program that runs from early September to mid-October. The league is designed to promote fun and focuses on teaching basic soccer skills. The teams compete against other Neenah & Menasha public and private schools.

Basketball (5th Grade)

The boys season runs from mid-October to mid-January while the girls program begins in late November and runs through mid-February. The teams compete in the Fox Valley Catholic Grade School League (FVCGS).


Elementary Schools | Spring Sports

Volleyball (4th/5th Grade Girls Intramural)

This program is held in March and April. It begins as a skills program and progress into intramural competition.


Zephyrs Basketball Club

Tournament Teams (Grades 3-8)

The Zephyrs Basketball Club (ZBC) is a competitive youth basketball tournament team program for boys and girls in grades 3-8. This all-volunteer club works to provide opportunities for players to develop strong fundamental skills in younger grades, transitioning to more competitive play in older grades. The program is open to all players in any area school in an attempt to prepare them for play at the high school level.