Welcome to the SMCS Booster Club!

Our organization has the important mission of raising money to support the multitude of co-curricular activities at all St. Mary Catholic Schools campuses. Our schools offer an impressive number and variety of co-curricular organizations and activities, and more than 90% of students at the middle and high school levels participate, most in two or more activities. Dollars raised are used to fund expenses such as athletic trainers and referees, new uniforms, sports equipment, materials and supplies for co-curricular groups and field maintenance.

Working closely with our athletic directors and coaches, this parent organization is essential to the success of our schools’ programs, and the participation of every parent is crucial in making such support possible!

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Greater Zephyrs Open
  • When: Monday, July 15, 2024

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Support the SMCS Booster Club through golfing and volunteering at GZO. Through this great event, participation fees are made affordable for our student athletes. Your willingness to support this event also helps subsidize the cost of uniforms, equipment, and trainer services for student athletes.

Volunteer Expectations (High School & Middle School Families)

SMCS Booster Club has more than 2,000 volunteer slots to fill each year. Because every co-curricular athletic activity benefits from Booster Club funds, families of participants in every athletic activity are required to help. Families are required to help fill five volunteer spots per student-athlete, per co-curricular athletic activity (to a maximum of 20 spots per family annually.) Hours will be tracked and a financial penalty will be charged to each family not volunteering their required hours.