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Zephyrs Spirit Days are the first Tuesday of each month! Stock up and attend school in the latest Zephyrs gear at all five campuses.

Shop Zephyrs Spirit, Alumni Apparel, Basketball, Powerlifting, Baseball, Track, Softball, Golf, Soccer, Tennis & Softball. Order Your Zephrys Gear Online! The Zephyrs Spirit Stop (at high school) is also open (starting September 10, 2021) from 7:30-8:15 a.m. every Friday that school is in session.

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When and where can I purchase SMCS Zephyrs apparel?

High School: Friday 7:30-8:15 on school days only, First and Third Thursday of the month from 11-noon, all home athletic events

Middle School: All home athletic events

Elementary School: Open during normal school hours

By Appointment: Contact Tara Gagne at [email protected] (Please allow 24 hours for a response.)

Online 24/7: Shop online

Please do not show up at the high school to shop when the store is not open or without an appointment; we will be unable to open the store for you.


Why does some apparel come immediately and other apparel I have to wait for?

The Spirit Stop carries generic Zephyrs apparel on hand and that is available within days to be picked up.  Occasionally there are backorders.  Refer to the ordering system for notes regarding backorders.

Specific sports apparel works very differently and can be confusing.  We use a system for ordering, which is awesome but does allow the flexibility of putting in delivery dates that are accurate.  We take orders to ensure we have the sizes each person would like.  Sports apparel is ordered prior to the season starting and takes approximately 3-4 weeks to come in.  The delivery date is listed in each item description as well as in the heading of the specific sport.  

The biggest reason you are waiting for apparel is at the high school your child does not come to the office to pick it up when called.  Another reason is the apparel pieces are in cars, lockers, backpacks, or bedrooms and the parent is not aware. 


Why does the delivery date not match up with the actual delivery date?

Our ordering system chooses a delivery date which is the same for all items in our system. Generic Zephyrs apparel will arrive close to the delivery date. Sport-specific items will arrive as listed in the description of the item when you order.

If you choose to have your item delivered to the elementary school, once the order has been processed you will receive an email stating it is ready.  The email really means your order has been put together and will take up to two days to arrive at the elementary school.  Your order will then be sent home with your child.

Sport-specific apparel will produce an email stating it is ready several days after the order deadline; that email means your order has been processed. The delivery date is still what is listed in the description item (3-4 weeks) after the order deadline.


Why does it take 3-4 weeks for my sport-specific apparel to arrive?

At this time, orders are taking 3-4 weeks due to limited quantities of apparel pieces by vendors. There is also a significant shortage of printers in the Fox Valley.  It also does take the volunteers a considerable amount of time to process orders.


What do I do when I miss the deadline to order sport-specific apparel?

Extra pieces are ordered and available for purchase. Feel free to order on the website. It is recommended that you order right away, as many times the extra pieces are all sold even before we take delivery of the items.  


My order is a gift. How do I let the Spirit Stop know that?

In the checkout process, there is a notes section. Please let us know there. We do our best to ensure your order doesn’t go home with your child.


My order has a mistake, who do I contact?

Every effort is taken to avoid errors in orders, but they do happen.  Please contact Tara at [email protected] within 1 week of taking delivery.  

If your error is I received an adult small instead of a youth XL,  nothing will be done. They are essentially the same size; typically a youth XL is a little longer and narrower.  In order to keep prices down, we do substitute these sizes.


What are the refund and exchange policies?

The Spirit Stop is an ALL SALES ARE FINAL store. Please understand the store is a fundraiser for our co-curriculars. Exchanges can be made for full-price items within one week of receiving your items (tags must be on items) for the same exact item.  Exchanges will only be done by Tara at [email protected].  We reserve the right to deny any exchanges.


Who creates the designs?

Generic Zephyrs designs are created by recommendations from the SMCS community.  Please share your ideas. We love to hear them! Keep in mind we do have a very specific brand style guide we must adhere to.  Our goal is to ensure our families are looking their Zephyrs best each and every day.

Sport-specific apparel is designed by the senior leaders of each sports team. Our student-athletes take initiative to show strong leadership skills. Our vendors then take the designs, fit them to the SMCS brand style guide, and choose current apparel pieces based on the recommendations of the teams.


How can I help the Spirit Stop?

  • The Spirit Stop appreciates each and every one of your sales. Please keep buying.  
  • Share your ideas.
  • Sign up to work the Spirit Stop.
  • Encourage sales by wearing your Zephyrs apparel,  especially to sporting events.
  • Volunteer in Spirit Stop.  Contact Tara at [email protected] 

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