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Founded in 2022, Zephyr Dads is a parent led group of men representing all five campuses of St. Mary Catholic Schools. The men of Zephyr Dads seek to be present for their families and the SMCS community.

Zephyr dads is…

  • An opportunity to serve St. Mary Catholic Schools
  • A visible sign of your support
  • A chance to get away and relax
  • An opportunity to look good to your wife
  • The chance to be a role model
  • A spiritual and fraternal support team
  • An opportunity for dads to just be guys

but not this…

  • A time sieve (come when you can)
  • A guilt trip (no worries)
  • A cult (no one will make you wear a robe)
  • A fraternity (we’re older and wiser)
  • Your wife’s idea (we thought of it first)
  • A political body (we stay out of that stuff)
  • A spam generator (minimal emails)

Get Involved

Do you have any ideas for events? Want to come meet other Dads? Click here to get started.