Endowed Funds

St. Mary Catholic Schools (SMCS) is blessed to have dozens of endowed funds that continue to benefit our school community in specific ways. Once an endowment account reaches a value of $10,000, an endowed scholarship or fund is created, and up to 5% of the total value of the account may be withdrawn on an annual basis.

SMCS invites interested donors to contribute to one of the endowed accounts listed below, or to explore setting up a new fund. A new account of at least $10,000 will begin benefiting the system immediately, but we also welcome the establishment of new accounts that will be added to over time to eventually become endowed.

Please consider participating in an existing account or creating a new fund for an area of Catholic education that is dear to you.

Fine Arts, Athletics & Activities, Technology, Emerging Educators (F.A.T.E.)

Collectively known as F.A.T.E., these endowed accounts will provide future funding for initiatives in those four areas that are not covered by the system’s budget. They are also a way for SMCS supporters to direct their donations to an area in which they are particularly interested.

  • Fine Arts Fund: created to assist with costs for special projects or needs relevant to SMCS fine arts programming and the Jane Bergstrom Fine Arts Education Center.
  • Athletic & Activities Fund: created from the TCCES athletic fund, which was established in 2011 as a means of supporting special athletic department needs or projects that are not covered in the system’s or the SMCS Booster Club’s annual budget.
  • Technology Fund: created to supplement funding for technology upgrades, system maintenance and equipment needs that are not covered by the system’s annual budget.
  • Emerging Educators Fund: created to supplement the income of beginning educators (defined as being in their second through sixth year of teaching) in the form of a bonus. The emerging educators fund was created to supplement the income of beginning educators (in their second through sixth year of teaching) in the form of a bonus for choosing to teach in a Catholic school.  Qualified teachers can apply on an annual basis.

The general policy for the investment of the endowment funds is directed at preserving the principal of the fund, and secondarily at securing reasonable income and capital appreciation. Once the funds reach $10,000 in value and have existed for at least one year, distributions from the funds will be made in accordance with the SMCS endowment fund board’s policy of at least 5% of the principal each year.

Distribution of the interest earned on each fund will be determined by a group of SMCS personnel familiar with the particular initiative.

The funds are invested by several fund management organizations, and donations can be made to any of these accounts at any time.

Endowed Accounts
  • Helen Asmuth Scholarship
  • Harold Bachman Scholarship
  • Bergstrom Family Scholarship
  • D.W. Bergstrom Scholarship
  • Ruth Stowe Boehmlein Scholarship
  • Francis Brehm Memorial Scholarship
  • Cayen Family Scholarship
  • Barb Ciske Scholarship
  • DeLonge Scholarship
  • Mary Fink-Atchison Scholarship
  • Forward Future Tuition Fund
  • Harold L. Gage Memorial Scholarship
  • Tim Garvey Family Scholarship
  • Carolyn A Hanlon Memorial Scholarship
  • Healy Family Educational Fund
  • David Hussey Memorial Scholarship
  • Gunner Johnson Scholarship
  • Kampo Memorial Scholarship
  • Leonard and Marie Kellett Memorial Scholarship
  • Kolosso Memorial Scholarship
  • Konkol Scholarship
  • Kramaczyk-Hephner Scholarship
  • S.V. Krupa College Scholarship
  • Lehrer Scholarship
  • Michael Marshall Memorial Scholarship
  • McClone Family Scholarship
  • Chris Meier Memorial Scholarship
  • Raymond and Marie Miller Scholarship
  • Mary Beth Neinhaus Scholarship
  • Jean O’Connell Scholarship
  • Cameron Paul Scholarship
  • Monica Rohe Scholarship
  • Erna Schierl Scholarship
  • SMC Teacher Endowment
  • SMC Technology Endowment
  • Michael A. Sommerholder Scholarship
  • Dan Spalding Education Foundation Scholarship
  • Joseph Steidl Scholarship
  • TCCES Endowment within the Community Foundation for the Fox Valley Region
  • Carl J. Voissem Memorial Scholarship
  • Theresa Weber Memorial Scholarship
  • Weiss Family Scholarship
  • Brandon Willems Memorial Scholarship
  • Ethel L. Zeininger Scholarship
  • Leone Zettel Memorial Scholarship
  • Jean Zuleger Scholarship