(Fox Cities) St. Mary Catholic Schools (SMCS) is enthusiastically announcing plans for a new Training and Fitness Center to benefit the students of St. Mary Catholic High School and St. Mary Catholic Middle School. With the knowledge that staying physically fit is beneficial to all students, whether competitive athletes or those who just want to be their best in all areas of life, SMCS is pleased to accept the generous gift of a 6,500 square foot Training and Fitness Center. Bergstrom Automotive is generously funding this enhancement at the St. Mary Catholic Schools main campus, which was designed by Gries Architectural Group and will be built by Miron Construction Co., Inc. as an addition on the north end of the St. Mary Catholic High School building. Located across from the Riviere Tennis Center, the fully equipped center will provide an array of fitness equipment that supports SMCS athletes in cross training, and physical education students in building and maintaining physical fitness–whether as part of a physical education class or during supervised workout sessions.

While plans for the facility itself have been completed (see graphic), project organizers are still in the development phase to identify the state-of-the-art equipment that will be made available to students. Consultants from the Green Bay Packers’ training staff and Marquette University’s athletic department have provided professional expertise and guidance. Recently, SMCS health and physical education teachers, varsity coaches and the athletic director met with project organizers to begin developing a list of equipment that will provide optimal benefit to SMCS middle and high school athletes.

“We are eager to use this new facility!” said SMCS Athletic and Activities Director Adam Bates. “It will provide an outstanding place for the athletes from all of our sports to cross train and develop strength, skills, agility and finesse. Although studies show that by engaging in a variety of exercise methods, athletes can improve fitness or performance in their main sport, we haven’t had the room or equipment in the past to implement that type of regimen. This new Training and Fitness Center will allow our students to develop as competitors in all areas.”

St. Mary Catholic High School Health and Physical Education Instructor Peter Post foresees benefits for all SMCS students in grades 6-12. “Life sports and developing healthy habits for living has always been a focus of our phy ed curriculum at SMCS,” Post reflects. “Having access to a well-equipped fitness facility will encourage students to incorporate exercise into their daily routines, which will help them deal with the stresses and anxiety of school today and will help set great habits for the future!”

Construction of the addition is slated to begin by April 1, and is targeted for completion by September 1, 2017—just in time for St. Mary Catholic Schools students to begin the new school year with healthy habits as part of a well-rounded SMCS education that will contribute to their success on the field, in the classroom and for years to come.