SMCMS’s activities, athletic teams and clubs work hand-in hand with the school’s academic program to educate each student as a whole person. These activities are integral to the well-rounded spiritual, intellectual, physical and psychological development fostered in every student at St. Mary Catholic Middle School. Because middle school athletes are at very different stages of development in their skills, SMCMS believes in and enforces a “no cuts, everyone plays” policy. Parents of participating students are expected to help at home games in the concession stand, at the gate and/or at the scoring table.

The middle school’s co-curricular activities are supported by the SMCS Booster Club. Visit the booster club webpage to learn how you can help support our multiple athletic and club activities!  Sports apparel is also available through the Booster Club.

Academic Eligibility

Academic eligibility for all students is determined by a grade check at the mid-quarter and nine-week grading periods. Students must maintain a minimum of a C- average with no failing grades. If the GPA is below a C- average (1.67 GPA), student will meet with an academic advisor and an individual plan will be decided upon and shared with the student’s parents and teachers. Should a student fail to complete his/her individual improvement plan, social and/or athletic restrictions will be imposed.


Register your SMCS child(ren) for high school and/or middle school athletics today. A non-refundable fee is charged for each activity.

SMCMS Athletics Offerings


  • Cross Country – Open to all students, grades 6-8
  • Football – Open to all students, grades 6-8
  • Volleyball – Open to all girls, grades 6-8


  • Basketball – Open to all students, grades 6-8; separate teams for girls and boys at each grade level; boys play November – January; girls play December – February


  • Softball – Open to girls, grades 6-8
  • Tennis – Open to all students, grades 6-8; intramural play
  • Track – Open to all students, grades 6-8; students compete against students of the same gender

A non-refundable fee is charged for each sport. Students MUST provide proof of a physical exam before practicing, playing or being issued a uniform. Physicals are required every other year.


Before athletes may participate, the must complete and turn in the forms below. These forms needs to be turned into the athletic office and only need to be turned in once per year.

  1. WIAA Physical orWIAA Alternate Year
    • A physical is required every two years (a “physical year” runs from April 1 through March 31) so the alternate year card can be used in the second year of a physical
  2. Athletic Emergency Contact
    • Needs to be filled out every year with contact information for us to use in the event of an injury/emergency
  3. Concussion Education

Sports Related Activities and Information