St Mary Catholic High School students are recognized bi-annually on the honor roll.  Students earning the following grade point average during a semester will be named to the SMCHS Honor Roll:

  • Highest Honors: 3.75-4.00
  • High Honors: 3.50-3.74
  • Honors: 3.00-3.49

Students who earned designation for the fall 2017 semester are listed here.  Congratulations to the many students who were able to achieve this academic honor!

A special congratulations goes out to Kylie Corbett, Lauren Meyer, Fatima Muniz, Ava Staehler, John Staner, Megan Berg, Katelyn Flanagan, Luke Franda, Emma Hageman, Waverly Miller, Madelynn Parks, Elizabeth Rosiejka, Christina Trzasko, Holly Trzasko, Alexander Ullrich, Kathryn Vande Venter, Michael Kerwin, Jacinta Lehner, Ruth Meier, Katie Otto, Nicholas Purcell, Maya Staehler, Daniel Svoboda, Molly Uitenbroek, Jakob Franda, Erik Meier and Erika Quinonez who achieved a perfect GPA of a 4.0 for the first semester!