St. Mary Catholic Schools Teachers

Sam Wood


The greatest adventure in life is one lived in complete abandon to Jesus Christ, for He is NEVER a boring Messiah! 

I received my Masters Degree in Theology from Marquette University in 2008, and my  B.A. in Interpersonal Communications from Trinity  International University, Deerfield, IL in 1991. I have been teaching Theology at St. Mary’s Catholic High School since 2014 and have taught university students at the UW-Oshkosh Newman Center for the Diocese of Green Bay from 2009 to 2013. I am experienced in teaching the Catholic faith to all age groups, from teenagers, college and young adults, and mature adults as well since 1996.  Before 1996, I was a Protestant minister from 1991 until I converted to the Catholic faith and joined the Catholic Church in 1996. I am married to my dear wife, Kris, and have two sons Benjamin, who married to Lena, and Bryan, who is married to Trudy. Ben and Lena have been blessed with four children, Elizabeth, Jacob, Francesca, and Jonathan…so yes, my wife and I are grandparents!

The driving force in my teaching is that I work with Jesus, Who is THE teacher; my task is to assist Him in His topics of choice and methods!