On Thursday, March 22 and Friday, March 24, workers will be relocating some underground utilities near the north side of the high school building.  The driveway between the high school and the tennis courts will not be open to traffic in either direction.  Here’s what we need from you to help keep things flowing smoothly.

  1.  No parking in the first row behind the high school.  This includes the entire row and both sides of the row.  Both facing the building along the curb and facing to the east.  (The purpose of this is to free up that entire row as a traffic lane for school buses, middle school parents exiting campus and our own parents exiting after drop off.  This will also keep parked cars from backing up into the bus and exiting cars traffic lane.)
  2. If you are dropping someone off at the high school in the AM, use the SECOND row to enter going north.
  3. All buses and middle school traffic will loop past the middle school and will turn into the row nearest the high school building to travel to the south driveway for exiting campus.
  4. After making the loop in the back of school and proceeding back toward the street along the FAEC, cones will direct exiting traffic through the FRONT school parking lot and then out onto Cold Spring via our north driveway.

Please plan a little extra time and expect some congestion.  We will do our best to keep things running smoothly.

Thank you for your anticipated cooperation and your patience as we keep everyone safe on our campus!!