Athletic Registration and Paperwork:

Fall Sports Awards Night

We will have our Fall Sports Awards Night on Tuesday, November 6 at 6:30 p.m. We will be in the FAEC for about 30 minutes and then we will split up into different areas of the school so each team to give our their own team awards.

Winter Sports Head Coaches & Start Date

Athletic Registration

During the past few years, we have asked you register your child(ren) for athletics online prior to the start of the season. We were trying this out to see if it was going to improve the process of collecting the athletic fees. We have now decided that we will not require the high school kids to be registered prior to the season. Instead, we will go back to the way we were handling this process previously and will bill each student account after rosters have been finalized.

We will still be requiring middle school kids to be registered prior to the start of the season because there are sports where the number of teams offered will depend on the number of kids registered.

Athletic Paperwork

Each year, there is paperwork that is required to be turned in prior to an athlete being cleared to participate in practices and games. Once paperwork has been turned in, it will be good for at least the rest of the given year. The toughest part to complete is the physical since a doctor needs to complete the check and the form so hopefully this gives you enough of a reminder to get those appointments scheduled prior to fall sports. If you need to know if your child(ren) are due for a physical, simply email me and I will check our records. The paperwork information is below:

  1. WIAA Physical orWIAA Alternate Year
    • A physical is required every two years so the alternate year card can be used in the second year of a physical
  2. Athletic Emergency Contact
    • Needs to be filled out every year with contact information for us to use in the event of an injury/emergency
  3. Co-Curricular Code Permission
  4. Concussion Education