St. Mary Catholic Schools welcomes the following recent hires/new teachers and staff members for the 2021-22 school year to the Zephyrs family!

Micaela Tomasi, St. Mary Elementary Teacher – Kindergarten
Eric Conner, SMCS Fine Arts Director
Lindsey Glowacki, SMCHS Learning Specialist
Jennifer Rodman, SMCES PE Teacher
Kati Guenterberg, SMCMS Language Arts Teacher – Grade 8
Maria Schmitz, SMCMS Religion Teacher – Grade 7/8
Sallie Cayia, St. Margaret Mary Teacher Aide
Tracy Lamb, St. Margaret Mary Teacher Aide
Lynn Timmers, St. Margaret Mary Teacher Office Assistant
Cheryl Rivas, St. Margaret Mary 4K Teacher
Jennifer Giombetti, St. Gabriel Elementary Teacher – Grade 1
Marquie Ruopp, St. Gabriel Elementary Teacher – Grade 5
Patricia Donaldson, SMCMS Learning Support
Alisa Lewis, St. Mary Elementary Teacher Aide
Tia Jones, St. Margaret Mary Elementary Extended Care/ASC
Jillene Ruelle, SMCHS Instructional Aide
Trisha Hendricks, St. Gabriel Elementary Learning Support
Monicca Winters, St. Gabriel Elementary Teacher Aide
Mary Zehner, St. Margaret Mary Elementary Food Service Aide
Latoria Bishop, Food Service Aide Float
Arlidzaray Barrera, SMCMS/HS Spanish Teacher


View a directory of all SMCS staff here.