Five SMCS VEX Robotics teams will compete in the Wisconsin VEX State Tournament this weekend, March 12-13.

For the first time, middle school students can take part in the state tournament. One SMCMS team is taking advantage of this rule change, as they will be in the competition.

The event will have two divisions. Three SMCS teams (1200B, 1200E and 1200Z) are in the morning division, while the other two teams (1200A and 1200D) will compete in the afternoon division. The champions from each division will face each other to decide the ultimate state champion.

Overall, six high school and four middle school teams will qualify for the VEX Robotics World Championship May 17-22. Unlike past years, the world championship will not take place in Dallas, TX. Instead, it will be a remote tournament.

The teams will compete against each other in a game called Change Up, a robotic version of tic-tac-toe. For the qualifying matches, each team will randomly be paired with another team and face two other competitors. After qualifying rounds, teams will be seeded and choose partnering teams (higher seeds choose first).

Fans and spectators are not allowed to attend the event. However, there is a free streaming option to watch the action.

The SMCS STEM Education Club is partnering up with Oshkosh Corp., DePere Foundry and Amcor Flexibles to virtually host STEM Saturday March 27. Click here to view the schedule and events taking place.

1200A—Control Freaks
Charlie Cedergren
Daniel Duvernay
Sam Foord
Nate Pable
Nyles Schneider

1200B—Circuit Breakers
Billy Walsh
Paul Nutini
Agii Kerwin
Frank Whiting

1200D—Grease Monkeys
Ben Schoeni
William Frink
Matthew Brighum
Ethan Tines
Alex Walsh
Nicholas DeBraal

1200E—Calculated Error (Middle School Team)
Jack Clark
Grace Ogden
Olivia McCauley
Nygel Schneider
Tristan King

1200Z—Syntax Error
Kaden Miller
Noah Bublitz
Isaac Pifer
Lainey Becker
Ashton McGlone
Andrew Pope

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