Senior Buyout Transfer Notice

The serial number and model are on the bottom of the laptop.

By signing below, you agree to and understand the following:

  • Ownership of the laptop transfers to the student/family
  • SMCS will no longer support the laptop or be responsible in the event that the laptop is damaged, lost, stolen.
  • The student/family is responsible for all support, repair and cost associated with the laptop from this point forward.
  • There is no longer any warranty coverage on the laptop
  • The laptop operating system is Windows 8.1 to align with the licensing at the time of purchase.
  • While Microsoft discontinued the program that allowed us to provide Microsoft Office 2013 disks to graduating seniors, several options for securing that software are listed below:
    • Open Office by Apache is installed
    • Students attending a college will be able to download Office 365 Education with the new 2016 apps using his/her new college email address
    • Your SMC school email will also work for downloading Office 365 Education for 6 months after graduation. Use this address to access the site


  • For your convenience we have attached the following:
    • Links to FREE software to protect your computer
    • List of FREE software installed on your laptop by SMCS


  • Your SMCS email: e-mail will be discontinued 10/1/18

If you have any questions, please contact the Tech Office via email at [email protected] or by phone at 920-215-7443


Here are a few links to free software that will help protect your computer.


Google Chrome web browser, it just works better.

Google Drive – Keep your files safe in the cloud.

Avast Free Antivirus



Open DNS – Manually change your DNS settings to help reduce the unsafe sites from phoning home.


Here a list of FREE software installed on your laptop by SMCS





Google Drive:

Adobe Reader:

Google Earth

Keyboards LEDs