MATH Academic Placement

Math Placement

Two math classes are offered at each grade level – grade 6 or intensive grade 6, grade 7 or Pre-Algebra, grade 8 (Pre-Algebra) or Algebra.

The objective of intensive grade 6, Pre-Algebra, and Algebra is to introduce new material so that at successful completion of grade 8, students will be recommended to be placed in an honors geometry course as freshmen at SMCHS.  Students will have covered Algebra 1 standards in middle school and will spend little time reviewing math facts. There is an understanding that students in these classes will have mastered basic math facts prior to 6th grade. Final decisions for placements will be based on Renaissance STAR 360 results, FORWARD scores, grades, and teacher recommendations.

Math 6, 7, and 8 are designed for those students who might need more review of math facts as they learn math concepts.  These classes will move at a slower pace than the other classes to allow for more practice.


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