ALASKA!     SMCHS students will have a wonderful opportunity to experience an Alaskan adventure with teachers Gail Hawley and Tara Opsteen-Van Dyke, June 6-11, 2016.

“Alaska is nicknamed the “last wilderness” because its land is still mostly wild and undeveloped,” says Miss Hawley. “I want to take students to experience the beauty of this part of our country and hope to inspire a commitment to preserving the resources God gave us.”

Mrs. Opsteen Van Dyke uses Alaska’s Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race in her curriculum, and knows that experiential learning is an extremely motivating teaching tool in the Language Arts curriculum. She is excited to share her love of “The Last Frontier” with SMCHS students.

CHINA!     Students will visit Beijing, Shanghai and Xi’an, China in the summer of 2017 with our Mandarin instructor, Ping Champeau! Read about it here. Please contact Mrs. Champeau for details.

THE DOMINICAN REPUBLIC!     Students will join Spanish teachers Mrs. Fritsch and Mr. Phillips on an eight-day adventure to the Dominican Republic in an all-inclusive global experience in the summer of 2017. Guided by a bilingual tour director, students will experience meaningful service work, cultural immersion and leadership development. Download the updated PowerPoint presentation, and then contact Mrs. Fritsch or Mr. Phillips for more information.