On February 25, 2017, St. Mary Catholic High School sent 25 entries to the WSMA District Solo & Ensemble Festival. Our students worked diligently to prepare and represented our school community with pride! As a result, we have 14 state-qualifying entries (including our jazz band), as well as nine 1st place award recipients and two 2nd place performers.

Vocal Participants

Katelyn Flanagan (Soprano Solo, Vocal Duet)
Olivia Pennings (Musical Theatre Solo, Soprano Solo, Vocal Duet)
Isabel Taubel (Musical Theatre Solo, Soprano Solo)
Rachel Zimmerman (Musical Theatre Solo, Alto Solo)

Instrumental Participants

Kaylann Adler (Clarinet Duet, Piano Duet, Jazz Ensemble)
Caroline Connolly (Baritone Sax Solo, Baritone Sax Duet, Jazz Ensemble)
Caileen Fahrenkrug (Alto Sax Solo, Jazz Ensemble)
Cecilia Krautkramer (Trumpet Solo, Jazz Ensemble)
Claire Krautkramer (Horn Solo, Jazz Ensemble)
Katie Krautkramer (Trombone Solo, Jazz Ensemble)
Ruth Meier (Clarinet Solo, Clarinet Duet, Baritone Sax Duet, Jazz Ensemble)
Emma Nutini (Flute Solo, Piano Solo, Piano Duet, Jazz Ensemble)
William O’Brien (Trumpet Solo, Jazz Ensemble)
Christina Trzasko (Flute Solo)
Holly Trzasko (Clarinet Solo)
Alex Ullrich (Alto Sax Solo, Jazz Ensemble)
Lydia Van Rossum (Flute Solo)
Kate Brit (Jazz Ensemble)
Patrick Golichnik (Jazz Ensemble)
Mike Kerwin (Jazz Ensemble)
Joe Kerwin (Jazz Ensemble)
Harrison Long (Jazz Ensemble)
Mollie Olson (Jazz Ensemble)
Nick Purcell (Jazz Ensemble)
Ethan Unruh (Jazz Ensemble)
Max Van Rossum (Jazz Ensemble)
Marcus Wittmann (Jazz Ensemble)