Our Project Lead The Way implementation is underway!

Students are excited about their new modules in computer science! Just last week, a group of community volunteers and our PLTW teachers met to brainstorm ways that the business community and SMCS can partner to enhance our new curriculum!

We were also recently informed by PLTW that that the White House has recognized PLTW as a partner in the “CS for All” initiative, launched by the president earlier this year to empower all American students from kindergarten through high school to learn computer science. This recognition highlights their efforts to increase access to computer science education for students and teachers across the country.

PLTW stated, “We want to thank you for the continued commitment you have made to empower your students with opportunities to develop in-demand skills through computer science.” As part of their ongoing efforts, they are:

  • Increasing the number of students with access to computer science by training more than 13,500 K-12 teachers in PLTW computer science courses this year
  • Engaging K-12 students in hands-on activities, projects and problems that allow them to solve real-world challenges
  • Preparing students for long-term success and encouraging them to pursue CS degrees and careers through opportunities like AP + PLTW student recognition

For more information, read the White House announcement and press release regarding