The 2023-24 academic year brought some new faces to the administrative team at St. Mary Catholic Schools.

Kathleen McCurdy started her new role as Director of Advancement in September. She will oversee all fundraising efforts for the system, as well as bring innovative and creative ideas to grow enrollment, visibility and public recognition in the community for our schools.

“Being able to work in a role that can positively impact lives of students and families is truly a privilege,” McCurdy said. “It has been non-stop and exciting, as my first month started with Homecoming and getting to know school history from some of our esteemed Alumni and has included Zephyrs Connect and the Lincoln Drive event, all while getting up to speed on my new position. I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way, as it’s been a great opportunity to get to know so many of the students, families, and educators that make St. Mary Catholic Schools such an amazing place.

“My role as Director of Advancement provides me the opportunity to work to help promote and advance our system (all five schools) while understanding and appreciating the legacy that already exists. I have tremendous vision and excitement for the future. I truly believe that every experience our students have in the classroom, hallways, and through co-curriculars should help to form the future servant leaders that our world needs. I believe that the Holy Spirit led me to this job and I feel blessed to have this opportunity to be a positive influence here.”

Jared Swanson is the new Dean of Students at St. Mary Catholic High School. He began his new role this summer, but it really kicked into gear when students came back to school in late August. As the Dean of Students, he works with the principal and associate principal to enforce good behavior, student success and discipline.

“I am very excited to meet new people, both staff and students, that are in a great school that values education and faith,” Swanson said. “The first couple months have been great! Meeting the students and developing relationships with them has been very fun and exciting. We have a great group of students here, and it is very enjoyable to come to the school everyday!

“I am involved in the discipline side of things quite a bit, but also in helping the students reach their potential academically. All students learn, both academically and socially, at a different rate, so being involved in that is very rewarding to me. High school administration is a completely new role for me, as I have been a college basketball coach for the past 13 years all across the country.  Before that I played professional basketball in Australia for four years. I am extremely excited to be here and happy to create relationships with the staff, students and families.”

Michael Picard recently started his new role as Campus Minister for St. Mary Catholic High School and St. Mary Catholic Middle School. His role is to provide faith-growing opportunities for students, ranging from weekly Mass to regular retreat and sacrament opportunities. Together with Fr. Mark Mleziva and other local priests, his primary focus is helping students grow closer to God.

“I am most excited to provide the students with opportunities to encounter our Lord, Jesus Christ, in powerful, life changing ways,” Picard said. “The staff and students have welcomed me warmly and helped me to enter into the community very smoothly. As the campus minister at both the middle and high school, my role is simply to get to know the students and staff and to be here to help them grow in their spiritual lives. I am also a type of spiritual advisor for the students so if they have any questions about the Catholic faith, God, or the Church, I am always happy to talk it through with them. I am happy to talk about those things with parents as well.

“A major aspect of my role as Campus Minister is to pray for the students and their families, so please be assured of my prayers for you and your family. If you ever need prayers or want me to pray for you in a specific way, please feel free to contact me.”

We welcome all the new staff who have joined St. Mary Catholic Schools this year. Thank you for your commitment and dedication to making our schools the best they can be.

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