The award-winning St. Mary Catholic Schools VEX Robotics program has an excellent national reputation and prides itself on a history of strong student participation, knowledgeable industry mentors, and generous donor support. During the 2020-21 school year, SMCS robotics teams qualified for state and a number will go on to compete at Worlds this spring. Meet some of our SMCHS VEX Robotics teams and members below!


VEX VRC Team 1200A (l to r): Daniel Duvernay, Sam Foord, Charlie Cedergren, Niles Schneider, Nate Pable


VEX VRC Team(s) 1200B and 1200Z: Lainey Becker, Kaiden Miller, Ashton McGlone, Isaac Pifer, William Walsh, Noah Bublitz, Agii Kerwin, Frank Whiting, and Paul Nutini

VEX VRC 1200E (l to r): Tristan King, Grace Ogden, Olivia McCauley, Nygel Schneider, Jack Clark


VEX VRC Team 1200D (l to r): Ben Schoeni, William Frink, Alex Walsh, Ethan Tines, Nicholas DeBraal, Matthew Brighum



VEXIQ 1050A (l to r): Izzy Strande, Edward Cedergren, Mia Pable, and Bethany Ruppert


VEXIQ Team 1050B (l to r): Peter Krautkramer and Ethan Gustafson


VEXIQ Team 1050C (l to r): Aiden Times, John Paul Foord, and Blayke Daczyk

VEXIQ Team 1050E (l to r): Micah Post, Mina Jackson, Jacob Post, Henry Cedergren, and John Auth


VEXIQ Team 1050F (l to r): Halle Janssen, Bitsy McCauley, Jeremy Searl (mentor), and Brody Searl


VEXIQ Team 1050G (l to r): Zach Gaab and Aaron Bekkers (not pictured: Anthony Hellmer and Gibson Rause)


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