Wednesday evening the faculty and staff of St. Mary Catholic Schools and their families enjoyed the 2nd Annual Zephyrs on Ice at The Plaza in Neenah.  The balmy weather and cool ice made for an exciting evening of skating, hot cocoa, and fun.  It was wonderful to see folks that work shoulder-to shoulder with one another spend time together in a different, more relaxed context. 


God designed us to live in community.  Jesus’ own life is a powerful example of this.  He walked with his friends, rejoiced at weddings, and mourned the passing of loved ones.  He prayed with and challenged those in his life to be better.  He attended religious services and listened to the bible readings. In short, he lived an active life, a life of participation and integration: a life with others.


It is in this context that events like Zephyrs on Ice take on new importance.  Not only is it an opportunity to grow together as an SMCS team and have some fun, it also serves as witness to our students of what Catholic, Christian, adulthood should look like. 


Go Zephyrs!