Happy Catholic Schools Week!  Thank you for your support of the mission of St. Mary Catholic Schools.  The important work of our school is only possible because of the amazing support of our parishes and community.  Thank you!

As we enter CSW, it is appropriate and timely to reflect on the special mission of Catholic education.

All schools teach about the world in which we live. The sciences, mathematics, literature and history are essential to education. Their mastery gives students context and actionable knowledge. 

All schools must also help students discover who they are as individuals. This quest for self-knowledge is innately human and dear to our tradition. Students learn about themselves through the activities they choose, the relationships they build, and the mentors they admire. All good schools do these things. Catholic schools must go further.

Catholic schools provide answers to the questions lying at the root of education. What am I to do with my talents? Can I make a difference? For what is my life worth living -and giving away? These are questions only sufficiently answered against a transcendent horizon. The noble end of a Catholic education is to open the hearts of our students to God’s call in their lives, to see their loves, talents, and values ordered to the highest good, the only good befitting them as human beings.

Catholic schools insist on high standards in the classroom, celebrate a vital Catholic faith, and are animated by love; it is a powerful precedent for our young people. Indeed, the real measure of our success is not how well prepared our graduates are for the next school they attend, but how they live their lives thereafter. 

At St. Mary Catholic Schools, we must celebrate all we have accomplished over the many generations of students and supporters that have made us who we are.  Because of this special partnership between SMCS, our parishes, and our community, we can look to the future confident that the best for SMCS is yet to come.  

Go Zephyrs!