SMCS is working to build a list of potential host families for next semester (beginning in mid-January) and next school year (beginning late August). We have the potential for several new international students at both times, but need to have host families approved and ready before students are placed with our school. The agency we work with, STS, is very thorough and this process can several weeks to accomplish.

Hosting an international student is a great opportunity to learn about another culture while sharing your own customs and traditions–an enriching and rewarding adventure! SMCHS has participated in the program with STS for over eight years and they have been great to work with.  In addition to the culturally rewarding experience, SMCHS also offers host families:

  • $1000 tuition credit to families with children enrolled in St. Mary Catholic Schools
  • $575 monthly stipend paid to host families

If you have ever thought about hosting an international student, now is the time! Host families do not need to have a student in SMCS, so please pass on this opportunity to anyone you think may be willing to open their home. Please contact me if you are interested or have any questions! Thank you for considering this opportunity!