Many special events are planned for the week of January 28 – February 3, 2018 in our St. Mary Catholic Schools!


Sunday (Celebrating Parishes)

Students participate in special ways during weekend Liturgies at St. Gabriel Parish with PTO-sponsored Pancake Breakfast in Stingle Hall 9:00-11:30

Monday (Celebrating Community)

Field trip to SMC FAEC for a Fine Arts Celebration in the afternoon
Make signs for our neighbors – Thank you for being our neighbor

Tuesday (Celebrating Students)

Zephyrs Spirit Wear Day
Literacy activity in celebration of our service project
Many Gifts, One Nation CSW Giving Day

Wednesday (Celebrating our Nation)

Neighborhood Sign Delivery Day (weather permitting)
Out of Dress Code Day and Crazy Socks
Family Lunch and Activities 11:45-12:35
PTO sponsored Roller Skating and Dairy Queen after school

Thursday (Celebrating Vocations)

All SMCS School Liturgy at St. Gabriel in afternoon
Thank you to our retired priests and sisters for saying yes to their vocation

Friday (Celebrating Faculty, Staff and Volunteers)

Zephyrs wear or Catholic wear (i.e. St. Norbert College, Marquette)
Spirit Cheer Rally 2:00
Book Collection ends

Catholic Schools Week Outreach Project

We are collecting children’s books for the International Children’s Fund as a way to give the gift of reading other children



K-5 to FAEC for fine arts performance

Tuesday (Celebrating Students)

Spirit Day – out of dress code

Wednesday (Celebrating our Nation)

Pajama Day
Bible Bingo

Thursday (Celebrating Vocations)

FUTP 60 Milk shake Mustache Party! 9:00
All SMCS liturgy at St. Gabriel 1:15

Friday (Celebrating Faculty, Staff and Volunteers)

Candlemas Processional beginning in SMM gym 8:00am
Liturgy 2Z Games Day 9:15-10:15



Monday (Celebrating our Community)

STAR activity: Teacher Baby Picture trivia – Pictures displayed in STAR and by chapel
SMCMS Choir students & Jazz Band to FAEC for elementary school concert
Out-of-Dress Code: Mismatch day (wear clothing that does not match)

Tuesday (Celebrating our Students)

2nd Quarter Honor Card reward – Wednesday X Schedule – during X period students choose between going into the gym, playing board games, or going outside
Out-of-Dress Code: Zephyrs Spirit Day

Wednesday (Celebrating our Nation)

Student Appreciation Breakfast – come to school in “pajamas” (sweat pants, pajama bottoms/shorts, athletic pants, but NO jeans) and enjoy breakfast with friends
All students participate in Knights of Columbus Knowledge Contest during X period
Out-of-Dress Code: Pajamas

Thursday (Celebrating Vocations)

1:15 p.m. Liturgy at St. Gabriel for all SMCS students
Special Dress: Liturgy Dress

Friday (Celebrating Faculty, Staff and Volunteers)

Thank a teacher or staff member today
STAR – Teacher Baby Picture Trivia answers revealed (STAR group with most correct will earn an out of dress code pass.)
Out-of-Dress Code: Favorite Sports Team apparel

All Week:

Pennies for Patients “Hero Squad” competition to collect money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society

Attention Parents: You are invited to join your child for lunch on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. If you plan to do so, please call the office by 8:00 A.M. so that you can be included in the count. Please do not bring in fast food for your child. Come and see what our nutritious hot lunch program has to offer.


Saturday / Sunday (Celebrate our System Parishes)

High School students will read thank you notes to St. John Parishioners at both the 4:00 p.m. Saturday and 9:00 a.m. Sunday Masses. Staff and families are invited to represent SMCHS at these St. John’s – Menasha Masses!

Monday (Celebrating our Community)

Breakfast N’ Bed! Students and staff who bring a box of cereal or donate $2 to the food pantry during first hour may wear their PJ’s (sweats or basketball shorts will also be acceptable) and slippers. The Staff will provide donut holes to students as they enter.

Tuesday (Celebrating our Students)

Zephyrs Wear! Show your SMCHS Pride! Students and staff may wear jeans, sweats or basketball style shorts along with a SMCS / Zephyr shirt. Make it a ZEPHYRS OUT!!

Wednesday (Celebrating our Nation)

Witness Wear! Students and staff may wear jeans, sweats or basketball style shorts along with a shirt that gives witness to their faith or Catholic/Christian education: T-shirts with Christian sayings, bible verses, or that advertise Catholic/Christian colleges, Catholic Heart work camps, etc. SMCS / Zephyr wear is not acceptable witness wear clothing.

Thursday (Celebrating Vocations)

Liturgy Attire for All! All SMCS Liturgy @ St. Gabe’s… Conservative dress as models for younger students.

Friday (Celebrating Faculty, Staff and Volunteers)

Knowledge Wear! Staff Appreciation! Wear any SMCS Academic (non-Athletic) Club shirts with relaxed dress pants. Staff may be in relaxed dress. During Theology classes students will be given the opportunity to write a thank you note to someone who has significantly contributed to their Catholic/Christian identity and faith formation … parents, teachers, coaches, etc.


Back to the Basics .. Where our HS started! Members of the SMCHS Liturgical Choir (and Opsteen-Van Dyke family) will be leading the music at the 10:30 a.m. Mass at St. Mary Parish – Menasha on February 4th. Staff and families are invited to go back to our roots and participate at this Mass!

All Week: Students will be escorted to their first period class with upbeat Christian music!


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