International Students


St. Mary Catholic High School partners with Student Travel Schools (STS) to accept international students. STS has been working with international education and cultural exchanges since 1958, and is a global leader in the field of international education and cultural exchanges. SMCHS and STS take great pride in the personal and caring approach emphasized in working with students, families and school personnel.

All international students who attend SMCHS must be highly motivated academically and proficient in English. They are carefully screened for their ability to adapt to new situations and environments. Students are selected after their applications, SLEP/TOEFL scores, transcripts and letters of recommendation have been reviewed and approved. All STS students must also participate in a Skype interview with SMCHS.

STS Host Families

We have a fantastic opportunity for your family to benefit from a great cultural experience by hosting an exchange student! We have already accepted several students to attend SMCHS for the 2018-19 school year as International students and anticipate a few more.

We are always looking for families who are interested in benefiting from a great cultural experience by hosting an exchange student. There is a $575 monthly stipend and a pro-rated $1,000 tuition credit (for current SMCS families) associated with hosting an international student. This is a great way to make a SMCS education more affordable. Families need not be from SMCS to host.

Every host family must complete a duo of thorough screening processes conducted by a local STS coordinator and the Diocese of Green Bay. The completion of a host-family application and a criminal background check for all family members age 18 and older, an in-home interview with the STS local coordinator and reference checks are all required prior to approval.

For more information about our international program, contact Sue Thelen at 920-722-7796.

Global Outreach

Through the Global Outreach program, which was established in partnership with our high school in 1989, St. Mary Catholic High School welcomes two or three Catholic students from Eastern European countries that were previously part of the Soviet bloc. Founded to reignite a passion for the Catholic faith and to foster the spiritual growth of future church leaders, Global Outreach provides an opportunity for our school community and our GO guests to grow together in faith. For more information, visit the Global Outreach website.