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Martha Barraza
Enrollment Coordinator
[email protected]
920-722-7796 ext. 157

Whether you are planning your child’s first school experience, are new to the area or considering switching from a local school system, our admissions director is eager to show you everything SMCS has to offer! A tour will give you the opportunity to view our schools’ amenities and see teachers and students in action. Additionally, tours offer you the opportunity to ask us the many questions most families have when choosing a school. Our enrollment coordinator will be available through every step of the process to be sure you feel well informed and welcomed.

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School Visits

We welcome you to visit any of our schools at your convenience. We recommend visiting while classes are in session.

Shadow Days

The parent of any student interested in experiencing an actual school day is encouraged to call admissions to set up a shadow day. Students are matched with current students who have shared interests in academic and co-curricular areas. Your child can spend a morning or afternoon attending classes and eating lunch with the host student’s peers.


Affording a Catholic Education

St. Mary Catholic Schools is committed to providing a quality Catholic education for students regardless of their families’ financial situations. Tuition assistance and grants are available, and are handled in complete confidentiality. We will do all that we can to help you meet your financial commitment towards an SMCS faith-based education.

Mail applications to:
SMCS Business Office
1050 Zephyr Drive
Neenah, WI 54956


Wisconsin Parental Choice Program

The Wisconsin Parental Choice Program (WPCP) allows students to attend a participating private school if certain eligibility criteria are met and the students are selected in the random drawing conducted by the Department of Public Instruction (DPI). The private school, on behalf of the student’s parent or guardian, receives a state aid payment (voucher) for each eligible student. Applications are accepted each year between February 1 and April 20. Students who have received a WPCP voucher in the prior year and reapply will be awarded a voucher each subsequent year regardless of income and grade. Visit the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI website) for details, instructions, and a link to the application. WPCP is a separate application process from the St. Mary Catholic Schools (SMCS) tuition assistance application.


Parochial School Tax Deduction

Parents in Wisconsin with a child in a parochial school can receive a tax deduction for K-12 tuition. A Wisconsin Tax Form PS must be filed with your Wisconsin income taxes to receive this deduction.

Tuition statements showing your tuition transactions by January 31. You can include payments made on Kindergarten through grade 12 tuition fees. Please consult a tax professional to inquire about claiming payments on preschool/prekindergarten tuition.



SMCS has designated SCRIP as a fundraiser that families can participate in year round to earn credit towards their tuition.  Fundraising income is important to both SMCS and our families who rely on the credits to assist with their tuition fees.


International Students

There is a $575 monthly stipend and a pro-rated $1,000 tuition credit (for current SMCS families) associated with hosting an international student.

Student Travel Schools (STS)

St. Mary Catholic High School partners with Student Travel Schools (STS) to accept international students. STS has been working with international education and cultural exchanges since 1958, and is a global leader in the field of international education and cultural exchanges. SMCHS and STS take great pride in the personal and caring approach emphasized in working with students, families and school personnel.

All international students who attend SMCHS must be highly motivated academically and proficient in English. They are carefully screened for their ability to adapt to new situations and environments. Students are selected after their applications, SLEP/TOEFL scores, transcripts and letters of recommendation have been reviewed and approved. All STS students must also participate in a Skype interview with SMCHS.

STS Host Families
  • Contact Kelly Beisenstein-Weiss at (920) 722-7796 ext. 815 for more information about our international program.

We are always looking for families who are interested in benefiting from a great cultural experience by hosting an exchange student. There is a $575 monthly stipend and a pro-rated $1,000 tuition credit (for current SMCS families) associated with hosting an international student. This is a great way to make a SMCS education more affordable. Families need not be from SMCS to host.

Every host family must complete a thorough screening process conducted by a local STS coordinator and the Diocese of Green Bay. The completion of a host-family application and a criminal background check for all family members age 18 and older, an in-home interview with the STS local coordinator and reference checks are all required prior to approval.


Global Outreach

Through the Global Outreach program, which was established in partnership with our high school in 1989, St. Mary Catholic High School welcomes two or three Catholic students from Eastern European countries that were previously part of the Soviet bloc. Founded to reignite a passion for the Catholic faith and to foster the spiritual growth of future church leaders, Global Outreach provides an opportunity for our school community and our GO guests to grow together in faith.