Academics at St. Mary Catholic Schools

St. Mary Catholic Schools provides an outstanding education to students from Pre-3 through High School. Our dedicated faculty and administrators are committed to meeting the academic needs of every student across the educational spectrum. SMCS’s accelerated opportunities, solid college-prep course selections and high expectations motivate and challenge students, and learning specialists provide support where needed.

Small by Choice, Faith-Based

Small class sizes, technology-based curriculum and dedicated, well-trained instructors who truly care create an atmosphere in which every learner can reach the height of his or her potential. SMCS’s comprehensive, aligned approach to Pre-3 through Grade 12 education is the foundation for the success of our alumni, who leave St. Mary Catholic Schools well prepared, academically and spiritually, for the future.

Technologically Savvy

SMCS values the use of technology at all levels as a support to student academic growth and staff effectiveness. To best prepare students for college and the work force, evaluation of new technologies will be considered and implemented based on intended purpose and within the financial parameters of the system. All implementation will include regular review and annual upgrade/replacement strategies.

Educator effectiveness in the integration of instructional technology is critical and requires a formalized training plan for teacher and administrative staff instruction and periodic additional training throughout the year.

Practical & Successful Standardized Testing

Among the tools used to determine students’ academic strengths and challenges is Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) testing. MAP tests, which are administered to students in grades 2-7 twice during every academic year, offer immediate and useful results that are used to monitor individual students’ progress, as well as that of a particular class or grade level. The results also influence lesson plans moving forward. SMCS students consistently score above their peers across the national and the state. Older students enjoy similar success in standardized college entrance exams when compared to national, state and local peers.

Active Educator & Parent Communication

Parents are kept apprised of students’ academic progress through grade-level-appropriate reports via online portals, paper progress reports, student/teachers/parent conferences and individual contact when needed. A measurement of each student’s reading level (“lexile score”) is acquired from MAP results.


Innovative Programs

Collaborative Pupil Services

St. Mary Catholic Schools (SMCS) is proud of the educational support provided to K-12 students through its collaborative pupil services programThe program helps educators proactively assess student needs and apply learning strategies at critical stages of educational development, supporting student achievement and allowing for a successful transition of services from one school level to the next. The pupil services team is committed to joining forces with classroom teachers and parents to enhance students’ individualized education experience and strengthens SMCS’s ability to help every student succeed to his or her highest potential.

Project Lead The Way

In order to prepare students to thrive in our 21st-century world, SMCS is participating in Project Lead The Way, the premier STEM (science, technology, engineering and math)-based curriculum available.

World Languages

St. Mary Catholic Schools is pleased to offer a world languages program that begins at the elementary level. Students are able to learn German, Mandarin Chinese or Spanish.