St. Mary Catholic Schools Teachers

Gail Hawley


I have been in Campus Ministry and high school education since 1985 when I graduated with a BA in Religious Studies and a certification in youth Ministry from Cardinal Stritch University.

I teach 9th grade Theology which covers the Sacred Scriptures, Theology of the Body,  the Mission of Jesus and prayer.  I also teach 11th grade Morality.  I believe  in making Religion class engaging as well as informative and I teach to the heart as well as the head.   My students  practice  various forms of prayer in  order to discover what  most connects them to God.

   I enjoy camping, canoeing, embroidery and long, deep talks with good friends.  I have a dog named Cooper who is so big he has been misidentified as a bear, and a cat named Obie.  I have a passion for Native American culture and  Spirituality, concern for the environment, and  teenagers!

Gail Hawley’s philosophy of Catholic Education

As a Religious Educator I consider myself to be more than a classroom teacher.  I consider myself to be a minister of the unconditional love of Jesus  Christ, a companion on the journey of faith of youth, and a facilitator of learning in and outside the classroom.  Learning  the faith is a task that must engage the heart and soul as much as the mind.

I am passionate about creating a safe environment for faith sharing and community building in the school at large and in my classroom.  Young people’s faith is deeply personal and evolving so it is essential  they feel secure enough to express both their faith, questions and doubts. It is my goal to meet each individual where  they are at on their spiritual journey and invite them to explore and discover the beauty of their own soul and to grow in their  relationship with God. 

I believe that faith is more “caught” than “taught” so I make a point to witness to my own growth in faith in various ways.  I take a multiple intelligences approach to prayer experiences, engaging  the heart,  body, mind, and soul in order for the students to discover a variety of ways to connect to the Divine.