St. Mary Catholic Schools Teachers

Abbey Weggel


Before beginning my career at St. Mary Catholic Middle School in 2013, I attended University of Wisconsin – Green Bay with a major in Spanish, a major in English with an emphasis in English education, and a minor in education.  In the end, I graduated with a Bachelor of the Arts in English, a license to teach in secondary schools, and the ability to understand and communicate with Spanish speakers.

I grew up attending Catholic schools happily, but I don’t think I fully understood the importance of that gift my parents gave me until I was older.  By spending my childhood and youth learning in a Catholic school, I didn’t see my faith as “that thing you do in church once a week,” I saw God’s love as a constant element surrounding me, filling me like a sponge.  In my opinion, that is the essential element needed to deeply love God and live a true Christian lifestyle.