St. Mary Catholic Middle School

School Counseling Program

A certified counselor oversees the counseling program at St. Mary Catholic Middle School. The counselor serves as director of the STAR (Student Teacher Advisory and Recreation) program and is available to all students and parents on an individual and/or small group basis.

The SMCMS comprehensive counseling program includes age-appropriate education for students in personal safety and well being. Through SMCS’s K-12 comprehensive counseling program, the counselor meets annually with all eighth grade students and their families to focus on academic and personal development, as well as age-appropriate career planning. Through the school’s STAR mentoring program, character education is reinforced in a small-group setting, and each student is assigned an advisory teacher who acts as his/her advisor and mentor.

Students are encouraged to visit with the counselor for personal guidance and for information on grades, study help and testing programs. The counselor is available to discuss any home, school, or social concerns.