St. Mary Catholic Middle School


Retreat experiences are an important part of faith development and an excellent tool for teambuilding among classmates and their teachers. Our retreat program includes both days of reflection and overnight experiences, with a different focus for each age level.

Sixth grade days of reflection are single, daylong events that usually take place in November and April. The focus of the fall event is on teambuilding and adjusting to middle school life. The later retreat has a theme of being peacemakers, and helps to prepare them for taking the next steps in their faith and academic journeys.

Within the first two weeks of school, the seventh and eighth grade classes combine for a teambuilding day at a camp facility. At the end of the day, the seventh graders return home and the eighth graders stay for an overnight experience to develop their class bonds and sense of responsibility as the new leaders of the school. Most overnight retreats take place at local camp facilities such as Camp Tekawitha.

In the spring, both the seventh and eighth classes embark on a retreat with their own classmates; usually in April and May, respectively.

Most retreats are led by our campus minister and faculty members, and occasionally by the SMCHS middle school retreat team. Parent chaperones and group leaders are often needed (parent volunteers must be VIRTUS® trained).