St. Mary Catholic Middle School


Academics is the center of SMCMS’ well-rounded educational offerings, and it is reflected in our students’ test taking.

St. Mary Catholic Schools uses the Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) tests to track the scholastic progress of SMES students in grades 6-8, and SMCMS students consistently score well above average in all areas on MAP tests.

MAP is a computer-based assessment program that uses questions of increasing difficulty based on the student’s current academic level and shows an individual’s progress over time. MAP tests are administered in the fall and spring of each school year, and the data helps educators gain an understanding of each child’s current academic level in comparison to that of the 5.1 million students who take the tests nationwide. The assessment provides nearly immediate data that is used to assist teachers in:

  • individualizing student instruction
  • identifying student strengths, for both individuals and groups of students
  • pinpointing topics that need to be reviewed or reinforced

A measurement of each student’s reading level (called his or her lexile score) is acquired from MAP results. An explanation of how this determination is made and how to use the information can be found at the Parent Toolkit.