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Daily Announcements

A copy of this week’s announcements that are read as each school day begins can be found here.


The semi-monthly Zephyr Express Newsletter can be found here.

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Zephyr Express Newsletter Attachments

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School Counseling Newsletter

The monthly newsletter can be found here.

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The Zephyr Express and school counseling newsletters from the 2016-17 school year can be found here.

Classroom News

Teachers’ professional webpages can be found on the teachers’ contact pages. Visit the contact page administered by the teacher of your choice and click on the link to his or her site.  (Note: Although the teachers are currently working on populating their pages, the email links are active. Check their pages later for more!).

News Feed

High school news from our website can be found on the St. Mary Catholic High School News Feed.

Zephyr Connection

Visit the SMC Alumni News Page to read past Zephyr Connection alumni newsletters.

School System News

Visit the SMCS News page.
Visit the SMCS News Feed page.