St. Mary Catholic High School

Comprehensive School Counseling (Guidance) Program

The SMCHS school counseling (guidance) department focuses on helping students understand the connection between school and their future goals and dreams. In addition to promoting strong academics and supporting students in developing their post-high school plans, SMCHS nurtures each student as he or she grows socially and emotionally. The school counseling department works collaboratively with administration, teachers and staff; taking a problem-solving approach to issues that affect student progress and success at the high school level.

A particular focus of the department is preparing students to make well-informed choices regarding their life after graduation. Whether preparing for a four-year university, technical college, trade school, the military or the workforce, the SMCS school counseling department assists students in choosing the appropriate coursework. Our personnel also help students stay on track with college admission requirements and scholarship opportunities.

School counseling personnel welcome questions or concerns from parents, students and teachers. Individual parent/teacher conferences may be arranged by calling the school counseling office, and students should meet with the counselor as needed. Appointments should be made during their study hall periods or lunch, but students may also contact the counselor during class time in case of immediate need.

Year-by-Year Plan

Ninth Grade

Appointments with freshman students and their parents are held in October and November. The emphasis is on adjusting to high school, getting involved, understanding a new grading system and beginning the career exploration process.

Tenth Grade

Appointments with sophomore students can be scheduled in the spring.  The emphasis is on career exploration.

Eleventh Grade

Appointments with juniors and their parents are held in late January and February. PSAT results are explained, post-secondary options are discussed, transcripts and test scores are reviewed, the senior schedule is considered and career paths are narrowed.

Twelfth Grade

Appointments with seniors and their parents  are held in August and September. These conferences concentrate on post-secondary details, applications, scholarships, financial aid, work opportunities and career choices.

Selecting Courses

Course selection will be discussed during the planning conferences scheduled each year to assure they are meeting the requirements and recommendations for the student’s post-secondary goals. Refer to the 2017-18 course selection guide for details.

Additional Opportunities

Post-Secondary Planning Night

Each spring the SMCHS School Counseling Department hosts an evening during which representatives from many schools from around Wisconsin, as well as branches of the military, share information about options and opportunities after high school. The information provided is generally regarding application and preparation processes, not individual school’s offerings.

Enrichment Opportunities

Additionally, the school counseling department facilitates notifying students that they have been selected and submitting the required paperwork to participate in programs such as Badger State, the World Affairs Seminar, Medical Mentoring and Academic All-Stars, as well as Rotary luncheons.