St. Mary Catholic High School


In the spirit of Pope Francis, who said, “Through humble gestures and simple acts of service to the least among us, the Good News that Jesus is risen and lives among us is proclaimed,” the St. Mary Catholic High School community is committed to making service an integral part of students’ experiences. Whether as individuals or in groups, regularly or on special service days, SMCS students are impacting our community and touching lives.

In the autumn of each school year, all St. Mary Catholic students participate in a service morning. Students go out in groups to a variety of locations in the community to provide assistance where needed. Ongoing relationships with the community throughout the year enhance both the lives of students and the people whose lives they touch.

SMCHS provides an opportunity for a mission trip each summer. Participation enables our students to experience diverse cultures and to witness Christ’s presence in those who are most vulnerable in our society. Opening themselves to being the hands and the heart of our Lord is an experience with a lasting impact in the lives of St. Mary Central students who answer the call to participate.

Service Hour Requirements

It is a graduation requirement that all students perform a total of sixty (60) hours of service with a minimum of fifteen (15) hours per year. Ninety percent of our student body far exceeds this expectation.


All service hours are recorded through the GetNvolved website.  Read requirements and website instructions or click here to access the site.