St. Mary Catholic High School

Theology Curriculum

Our Catholic faith is the foundation of St. Mary Catholic High School. The spiritual growth of all students is encouraged and guided through our theology curriculum, a dynamic retreat program, expansive community service opportunities, immersion in sacramental life, and weekly prayer groups shape the faith experience. We strive to nurture a deep faith in our students and to educate the Church leaders of tomorrow.

Our theological studies program is aligned with the guidelines set forth by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB).

Required Courses

  • Jesus and the Scriptures – 9th
  • Jesus and His Mission – 9th
  • Sacraments – 10th
  • Jesus and the Church – 10th
  • Morality – 11th
  • Social Justice – 11th
  • Ecumenical and Religious Issues – 12th
  • Vocation – 12th

Elective Courses

  • Christian Discipleship ( includes a required one-week summer service trip)
    St. Mary Catholic offers all students the opportunity to take their faith beyond the classroom in a weeklong service mission or work camp trip. The work camp trip takes place in the summer and is designed to deepen students’ faith through service. Work camp satisfies the school’s service hour requirement for one academic year.

Please note: All classes meet daily and are one semester in length. Religion courses are an integral part of our overall curriculum. Grades earned in religion classes are figured into both the student’s GPA and class ranking.