St. Mary Catholic High School


To be competitive in the 21st century, today’s students require an engaging and progressive learning environment. SMCHS’s investment in technology affirms our commitment to our mission of providing a quality education in a rapidly changing world. We are firmly committed to fostering the skills needed for success in today’s technology-rich world.

One-to-One Laptop Program

Technology and use of the laptop are integral to SMCHS’s strong curriculum, and the laptops have become an essential tool for teachers and students. Instructors deliver technology-integrated instruction, collaborating with students as they use their laptops for research and work throughout the school day. Students then take the computers home to continue with homework and projects. Laptops are not intended to be a replacement for the curriculum, but are a tool to support it, and instructors stay current with training in hardware, software and curriculum integration. Families are responsible for procuring their laptops through a lease program, with the cost spread out over a student’s time at SMCHS. SMCHS’s technology program requires families to lease a laptop computer for each of their children. The fee covers laptop rental, insurance and technology support. The computer may be purchased at the end of a full four-year lease for $1.00, and several payment options are available.

Technology Classrooms

  • The distance-learning classroom provides access to AP, CAPP, specialized and accelerated classes from schools across the state; educational networks via direct connections to real-world professionals in hundreds of fields; and new opportunities to build vital skills through live interactive seminars, lab simulations and virtual field trips.
  • The forensic/presentation lab is equipped with tools to help students enhance their interpersonal communication skills and to craft quality presentations.
  • The business marketing and graphic (BMG) design lab provides an environment for students to create high-quality digital and print projects. This lab enables students to become proficient with tools that are commonly used in a wide range of creative industries to produce real-world presentations and graphic designs.
  • The Innovation, Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (I-STEM) Lab provides students with the high-tech resources needed to apply math and science knowledge using engineering technologies including computer-aided design (CAD) software.