St. Mary Catholic High School

Grading Structure

Grade Percentage
A+ 98-100
A 94-97
A- 91-93
B+ 88-90
B 84-87
B- 81-83
C+ 78-80
C 74-77
C- 71-73
D+ 69-70
D 67-68
D- 65-66
F Below 65


Grade Point Average

Grade point averages are calculated on a 4.0 scale. They are calculated each semester and are cumulative.

Guided Study

In order for all students to succeed at SMCHS, we have implemented a guided study program.  This takes place during the school day, opposite a students’ lunch period.  Three weeks into a quarter, any student receiving a D or F is placed in guided study for the week. Students are given time to communicate with their teacher on how to improve their grade, to complete missing/late work, to receive extra help from a teacher, study for an upcoming assessment or review concepts with a peer. This encourages students to take ownership in their own learning, while given the extra guidance they may need to be successful.

Report Cards

Report cards are distributed at the end of each quarter. Following the second and fourth quarter, a semester grade is given which is becomes part of the student’s permanent record.