St. Mary Catholic High School

Welcome to St. Mary Catholic High School


Welcome Home!  We are humbled and blessed to witness the many gifts and talents of the greater SMCS community!  Together, we strive each and every day to transform the heart and mind of our growing student community discerning God’s will for what is good and acceptable and purposeful in developing Jesus centered truths.  As Catholic disciples, our core is Christ!  As you enter the front doors of St. Mary Catholic High School, you cannot help but notice the words “Be it known to all who enter that Christ is the reason for this school.” As a Catholic institution, SMCHS has the privilege of making faith the cornerstone of everything it has to offer, instilling Christian values and welcoming students of all religious beliefs. The varied socio-economic backgrounds of SMCHS students fosters a balance of values and attitudes within this small-by-choice school community. We draw students from around the Fox Cities, and the freshman class is typically composed of students from an average of twelve different middle schools.

The school’s one-to-one laptop program integrates technology into a strong, college-prep curriculum. We offer a wide variety of classes, including numerous advanced,  AP and CAPP courses, and an unlimited array of classes through the state-of-the-art distance learning lab. Low teacher-to-student ratios promote individualized instruction, and our full-time learning specialist is available to help students reach their highest potential.

The average ACT score over the past five years is 23.94, which exceeds state and national averages, and is among the highest in Fox Cities schools. In addition, SMCHS has a tradition of National Merit Scholars and the percentage of AP Scholar honors among seniors is also among the highest in the region.

St. Mary Catholic High School students benefit from the small size of the school because it allows them to experience a variety of academic and co-curricular opportunities throughout their high school careers. Rather than having to limit themselves to one or two interests, SMCHS students are encouraged by their peers, advisors and coaches to participate in multiple activities, and often play a vital role in the groups’ successes. SMCHS’s competitive teams perform very well across the spectrum of athletic and academic competitions. An impressive 98% of students participating in multiple activities. Opportunities such as STEM Club (robotics, aeronautics, electronics, etc)., E.A.R.T.H. Club, fine arts and three world languages reflects SMCHS’s awareness of our place in preparing students for the changing world and global community. Our 2018 Zephyr baseball, track and golf were extremely successful and competed in State competitions.

Our high school community aspires to live by the Pillars of Honor–faith, honesty, respect, responsibility and trust.

After graduating from St. Mary Catholic High School, students move on to become part of our vibrant and vital alumni community. The strength of the relationship between SMCHS and its alumni family is truly a testament to the school’s commitment to and success in fulfilling its mission.


St. Mary Catholic High School is accredited by AdvancEd, and is a member of the National Catholic Educational Association (NCEA) and the Wisconsin Council of Religious and Independent Schools.