St. Mary Catholic Elementary Schools

Faith & Service

We strive to nurture students’ knowledge and practice of their faith through the celebration of liturgy, sacraments, service and prayer. A strong commitment to Catholic identity, both in the physical surroundings and in the hearts and minds of our faculty, staff and students, is an essential element of a SMCS elementary school education.

Worship and Prayer

Worship is an important aspect of our Catholic faith, and our community gathers in many ways to praise and honor God, and to thank Him for the many blessings we have received.

Each day at every St. Mary Catholic Elementary School begins in the classrooms with prayer. All students, faculty and staff join in prayer at lunch and at the end of each day. Prayer in various forms is part of each grade’s religion curriculum, and students are often asked or reminded to pray for each other’s special intentions in times of need.

Every week and on Holy Days, liturgies are planned and led by students with the parish priest at their respective parish who is actively involved in the faith development of students. Classes take turns planning and hosting the Masses, where students volunteer to fill various ministry roles including as servers, readers and musicians. Frequently, student and faculty musicians provide the music. Because students not only attend, but also participate in ministry roles, they gain a deeper appreciation of our faith. Family members and guests are welcome to join the school community for Mass.


During their elementary school years, students receive the sacraments of Reconciliation and First Eucharist. In the Diocese of Green Bay, sacramental preparation is a parish responsibility and is coordinated with the parish religious education departments, but the occasion is recognized and celebrated in the schools.


Throughout the school year and particularly during the seasons of Advent and Lent, we are involved in a variety of special projects to collect funds or items needed by a variety of charitable organizations.


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