St. Mary Catholic Elementary Schools


St. Mary Catholic Schools (SMCS) is proud of the educational support provided to K-12 students through its collaborative pupil services program that proactively helps educators assess student needs and apply learning strategies at a critical stage of educational development. The program includes two elementary-level learning specialists with specialized training and certification in speech and language pathology and K-9 special education and a graduate degree in educational leadership, respectively.

Because the ability to read is crucial to educational success, SMCS has a reading specialist at the elementary level who works with teachers, administrators, students and parents to ensure student proficiency in reading. Support involving the reading specialist is based upon students’ individual requirements as determined by teacher observation, additional testing and consultation with parents.

These professionals work as a team with the guidance counselors, reading specialists and classroom teachers to develop and implement a wide-reaching learning assistance program. The program supports student achievement and allows for a successful transition of services from one school level to the next. The pupil services team is committed to joining forces with classroom teachers and parents to support and enhance students’ individualized education experience.

The library provides materials to enrich and encourage interest in a variety of areas and monitors books to reflect Catholic philosophy. Reference materials are available and books may be checked out if prior checked books have been returned.