St. Mary Catholic Schools

A Plan for Our Future
The SMCS Strategic Plan

During the fall of 2015, The SMCS Board of Trustees and administrative leadership team worked with a professional facilitator to lay the groundwork for a new strategic plan for St. Mary Catholic Schools. The development of each of the five strategic plan initiatives is being headed by a member of the SMCS Board of Trustees or staff working in conjunction with a task force consisting of system personnel and community volunteers. Each group has determined who will be directly impacted by their specific initiative (the stakeholders), and are meeting regularly to develop recommendations for meeting the goals. Each committee reports to the board of trustees at the monthly meeting.


SMCS is acknowledged for its academic excellence and
delivery of an exceptional student experience.
The system is financially stable (as defined by decreased line of credit,
increased revenue, balanced budget)
to ensure the long-term feasibility and
continuation of SMCS Catholic education.

The initiatives and the members of the associated task force are:

Advance Catholic education as an investment in developing dynamic Catholic disciples through academic and spiritual leadership

Grow overall brand awareness in the community and focus on enhancing parish/school relationships, existence of the system as an option to other parochial schools and key points of difference.

SMCS champion: Nancy Braatz; task force:  Molly Griffin, Mary Lou Kalaus, Sue Simonsen
Stakeholders: SMCS advancement staff, BOT marketing committee, parish leaders/members

Develop and implement recruitment and retention strategies that grow enrollment

Grow recruitment of new families in the system at all grade levels. Increase overall retention rates focusing on transition grades. Improve community perceptions and foster partnerships.

Board champion: Pam Seidl; task force:  Michelle Meyer, Pam Pingel, Jyll Scanlan, Liz Uhlenbrauck, Heather Voss, Shelley Wautlet, Katie Weber
Stakeholders:  SMCS recruitment staff, co-curricular staff, parents & students from all grade levels

Establish a financially stable business model

Create plan that decreases our line of credit, continues to deliver a balanced budget and increases third source fundraising while continuing to invest in academic initiatives which will set us apart in the marketplace and improve academic excellence. Implement cost management plan that includes collaboration, increased efficiencies (staffing and facilities) and assessment of future needs.

Board champion: Dan Engelhard; task force: Helen Englebert, Nancy Braatz, Chris Hartrich (Jeanne Lee & Michelle Dejno will assist with subcommittees)
Stakeholders  SMCS advancement & business office staff, pastors, parish financial leaders

Deliver academic excellence

Develop plan to ensure academic needs are met (and exceeded), education models are reviewed and considered, and professional development is encouraged and planned for… all in order to deliver a quality Catholic education in the most successful and efficient manner. 

Board champions: Kathleen Healy, Kristin Bergstrom; task force: Pat Batey, Eleanor Healy, Jeanine Leege, Christina Turner, Mike Zuleger
Stakeholders:  Teachers, parents, students from all schools/grade levels

Deliver an exceptional student experience

Foster an environment where students are engaged beyond the classroom to create lifelong affinity for the schools.

SMCS champion: Jennifer Miller; task force: Adam Bates, Steward Koskinen, Sue Pawlowski, Ann Rasmussen, Jason Tursky, students and teachers
Stakeholders:  Teachers, students from all schools/grade levels

Ownership Definitions
Champion – responsible for organizing and driving Task Forces to develop plans to accomplish strategic initiative, meeting deadlines set by the BOT, and providing progress updates to the BOT.

Task Force – core work group responsible for researching and recommending plan to BOT to accomplish strategic initiative.

Stakeholders – those who are invested in the strategic initiative, have current knowledge of the strategic area, and who will be impacted by the strategic plan outcomes.  Representatives from these groups should be included on task forces and/or in the gathering of data and development of plans to accomplish the strategic initiative.