St. Mary Catholic Schools

STEM Club Fly-IN

On Friday July 21, the SMCS STEM Club welcomed 30 students to its first annual SMCS STEM Club Fly IN “Exploring the World of Flight.”  Open to students from grades 1 through 8, the aviation education event included learning about the theory of flight as well as a variety of fun hands-on and age-focused aviation-related activities.

The Fly-IN began in the STEM Center on the campus of St. Mary Catholic High School, and was a day full of exploring the world of flight! The day’s activities included:
*learning about the physics of flight
*operating the RC flight simulator
*piloting the STEM Club’s camera drones and taking a “drone selfie”
*piloting small RC planes and quad copters
*launching large gliders
*preparing and launching model rockets
*flying regular and stunt kites
*building “clothes pin” airplane models to take home

Students were invited to bring their own quad copters to fly on the “Zephyr Airfield” obstacle course, which proved to be a very popular event. The group was also treated to a special visit by professional drone racer Alex Vanover, who was in town for EAA’s Airventure. Vanover, who is from Dallas, Texas, gave a short presentation and then demonstrated his drone racing and pilot skills.  As a 17-year old high school senior, he is also a large glider pilot and licensed private pilot, and plans a career in aviation. Vanover really inspired the participants!