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Join the growing group of SMCS families who are using Scrip and see how easy it is to receive tuition credit. Last year over $180,000 was credited to our families’ tuition accounts using Scrip!

Go to to create an account. Thereafter, visit the site to place orders, reload gift cards, or order Scrip to print out at home or use directly from your Smartphone (offered by many vendors).

All checks for Scrip orders must be submitted  to the SMCS Business Office by 9:00 a.m. on Mondays, and all online orders must be placed by then, as well. Orders are processed on Thursday mornings and are available for pick up at designated locations by the end of the school day on Thursday. Click on these links to view local retailers.



Learn more about Scrip Now and Presto Pay.
Instructions on how to navigate the Scrip website
Set up your account.
Access the SMCS Scrip User Agreement


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