St. Mary Catholic Schools

SMCMS Sports Information:

Sports by Seasons

We offer sports in Fall, Winter and Spring seasons and the breakdown is below:

  • Fall Sports
    • Football (boys) – Equipment Issue: Thursday, August 9 – First Practice: Monday, August 13
    • Volleyball (girls) – First Practice: Monday, August 13
    • Cross Country (co-ed) – First Practice: Monday, August 13
  • Winter Sports
    • Boys Basketball
    • Girls Basketball
  • Spring
    • Softball (girls)
    • Track and Field (co-ed)
    • Tennis (co-ed)

If you have any interesting in coaching any sport, please contact Adam Bates.

Coaches for each of the sports will be announced prior to the start of each season.

We also have an Equestrian Club that is run by Pam Seidl. There is one competition in September with the opportunity to advance to the State Meet. Any students in grades 6-12 are able to participate. If you are interested or you want to learn more, please contact Pam directly at

Athletic Paperwork

Each year, there is paperwork that is required to be turned in prior to an athlete being cleared to participate in practices and games. Once paperwork has been turned in, it will be good for at least the rest of the given year. The toughest part to complete is the physical since a doctor needs to complete the check and the form so hopefully this gives you enough of a reminder to get those appointments scheduled prior to fall sports. If you need to know if your child(ren) are due for a physical, simply email me and I will check our records. The paperwork information is below:

  1. WIAA Physical orWIAA Alternate Year
    • A physical is required every two years (a “physical year” runs from April 1 through March 31) so the alternate year card can be used in the second year of a physical
  2. Athletic Emergency Contact
    • Needs to be filled out every year with contact information for us to use in the event of an injury/emergency
  3. Concussion Education


Online Schedules

All of our schedules are kept on our page To access our page either use the previous link and then select “St. Mary Catholic” on the main page, or use the following link to access our page directly: St. Mary Catholic Athletic Schedules. We will have games and practices scheduled onto our page as well as different events that are hosted in the athletic areas at our system schools. One part of our game schedules that will be helpful when attending away games is that each game should have interactive directions.

This website also allows you to sign up for notifications for reminders and for any changes to a schedule (Ex. postponed game due to weather). To sign up for notifications, you will need to be on our page and click on the “NOTIFY ME” link in the bottom right corner. Once you have clicked on that link, you will be taken to a page where you can sign up for each of the sports you would like to have notifications sent. You will then need to click continue and you will be brought to a page of our school only activities. There will be additions to this page as we move through the school year, but this is where you can select a practice schedule or a different event that is held just within our school. You will need to click continue again and then you will be brought to a page where you can select when you would like to have notifications. After clicking continue, you will go to a page where you will have to enter in your name, create a password and give your email address and/or your cell phone number so you can receive notifications. If you have signed up for notifications in the past, you do not need to sign up again.

*Please note that MS schedules have not yet been finalized. Once they are, they will be posted online.