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SMCS 2017-18 Month-by-Month Calendar  (updated 11/30/17)  Please note that as of December 1, 2017, the online PDF calendar will no longer be updated. Although an updated PDF will not be available, we will leave the current version online for families, along with a list of calendar changes, to refer to for elementary school letter days and to make updates to on their own paper copies.

The following changes or additions were made to the SMCS 2017-18 Month-by-Month Calendar after December 1, 2017:

16          Elementary School Showcase Night (added 12/7/17)
27          Early Childhood Treasure Hunt (added 1/15/18)


12          Aquinas Program Information Night (added 12/14/17)
23         Enrichment Karate Showcase (added 2/8/17)
28         Wisconsin Parental Choice Program Information Open House (moved from 2/26)(added 1/4/18)


5           PreACT for Sophomores (added 2/6/18)
12         On Track Series: Ask a Question, Save a Life (added 3/1/18)
15         Elementary Band Recital (REMOVED 3/5/18)
22-24  National Powerlifting Meet- Paper Valley Hotel Appleton (added 3/16/18)
23        Band students to Highlands at Mahler 3:30-5:00 p.m. (added 3/16/18)

5-7         VEX Robotics US Open in Iowa (added 3/16/18)
20          State Forensic Meet in Madison (added 3/16/18)
23           International Potluck Night (moved from 4/16/18) (added 3/23/18)
25-28    Vex World Championship in Kentucky (added 3/16/18)
28          State Solo & Ensemble at UW Oshkosh (added 3/16/18)

16           Senior Sunrise Breakfast 5:00-7:00 a.m. (added 3/6/18)
21           VIRTUS Training-Time Pending (added 3/6/18)

11-15      Camp Invention at SMCMS (added 1/4/18)
18-22     Totus Tuus hosted by St. Gabriel (added 1/4/18)

22           Best Friends Gourmet Bike Tour (added 2/8/18)
23-27     Green Bay Packers Football Camp (added 1/4/18)

SMCS 2017-18 Calendar of Key Dates (single page)(updated 2/21/18)

SMCS 2018-19 Calendar of Key Dates  (single page)(updated 3/23/18)


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