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*May 2017 reminder:  Any balance remaining in a student’s account at the end of the school year will rollover to next year.  This balance may also be transferred to another student.  If a student is leaving the SMCS system, parents may make a written request for a refund for balances over $5.00. We ask that you please bring your child/children’s account balance to $0.0 or a positive balance before the end of the school year. Additionally, students at the high school must have a $0.00 or a positive balance on order to receive a final exam permit. There has been a balance policy written to fulfill a USDA requirement and will be in effect at all campuses. We will be fully implementing the balance policy beginning 2017-2018 school year. The policy will be on the school website. If you have a balance question, please call us in the food service office at 920-967-0107.

We thank you for your child’s participation this year and look forward to their continued participation next year.  Please remember that SMCS Food Service strives to provide nutritional meals and a variety of options based on federal and state regulations.

*In May 2017, Food Service Director Lynn Graves shared the policy for addressing overdue balances on food service accounts for the 2017-18 school year.

*In January 2017, Food Service Director Lynn Graves shared information about the policy for addressing overdue balances on food service accounts.

*In December 2016, Food Service Director Lynn Graves shared the following information:
“Beginning in January, SMCS will offer ham sandwiches (hot or cold, with or without cheese) as an additional alternate at the elementary and middle schools. If your children would like this option, please have them indicate how they would like it prepared. SMCS has been working with the new hot lunch advisory committee. We are receiving great feedback, including items students would like to see discontinued or added. As aresult, we will soon be offering jicama, frozen slushies and other items!”

*In October 2016, Food Service Director Lynn Graves shared the following message:
“In my travels between schools, I have noticed that parents have been bringing in “fast food” for their children, which is against our health & wellness policy. Please save these foods for occasions outside of school hours.”

*At the beginning of the 2016-17 school year, Food Service Director Lynn Graves  shared this welcome back letter with all SMCS families that outlines our food service program and introduces the new prices for the school year. 

Lunch Calendars

Visit our calendars page for current lunch menus.

Health and Wellness Policy

SMCS Food Service participates in the National School Lunch Program, and all menus meet nutrition standards established by the USDA. We provide healthy, quality school meals, and aim to offer a variety of options that are both nutritious and appealing to students.

We do not allow ‘fast food’ to be brought into the school. Instead of traditional pre-determined meals, students are able to choose from our many different nutritious items, which they can combine to form meals they will enjoy.

SMCS has developed a health and wellness committee which put forth our Health and Wellness Policy.

SMCS Food Service uses a computerized debit system, allowing advance payment for meals. Each student is given a PIN number, which remain constant throughout his or her enrollment in SMCS. The PIN is used to access a student’s account as he or she receives lunch each day and the money is deducted from the student’s account, thereby eliminating the need to carry cash.

We also offer free and reduced price lunches to any families that meet eligibility. The guidelines are published annually, and applications are available through the school offices and through food service employees. Parents are encouraged to take advantage of this if they feel they may be eligible. Applications may be submitted to food service and always remain completely confidential.

SMCS complies with the USDA Non-Discrimination Policy.

Garden-to-Lunchroom Program

St. Mary Catholic Schools manages two kitchen gardens, one located at St. Gabriel Elementary School and the other at St. Mary Catholic Middle School. These gardens are planted and maintained by food service personnel with some help from students. The gardens yield enough vegetables and fruits to supplement our lunch rooms’ salad bars and vegetable offerings, with enough extra to be frozen for later use.

Free and Reduced Lunch Program

St. Mary Catholic Schools participates in the federal free and reduced lunch program for qualified families. To learn more, read the Frequently Asked Questions flyer.

Follow the instructions to complete the application, located on our Forms page.

Account Recognition System

Read the letter announcing our account recognition system that will help our lunch lines move more quickly and improve the accounting process.


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